Our Expert Team

We have been supplying and servicing the cleaning industry for years.  In that time, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and earned ourselves a skilled and committed team.

No matter what brand or type of machine, we can restore it to full functionality so you can enjoy its new lease of life at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new machine. We're so confident, we offer six months back to base warranty with our reconditioned machines and we offer 12 months warranty with our new machines. Read about our warranty policy here.


Motors are the epicenter of effort in your machine. Whether its a vacuum motor, drive motor or water pump, motors are possibly the most important component a machine.

We replace old and damaged motors with brand new ones, bringing our machines back to the top of their game.


Filters both protect your machine from damage and clean air before it is released from the machines exhaust.

Every machine we recondition leaves the workshop with new water filters, motor filters, micro filters and exhaust filters.


Squeegees & hoses allow scrubber/dryers to pick up water. They have to be in perfect condition for the machine to function properly.

We make sure worn squeegees and hoses are always replaced.


All reconditioned machines are fully dismantled and reassembled. This gives us the opportunity to replace, lubricate and clean all body parts.

When we're finished, we wash and dry our machines and touch up paint work.